Ambassador of Greek cuisine in the USA by GTBB with Gold Medal for 2020

GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB organization well-known for having a big impact in promoting Greek taste & gastronomy throughout the world, evaluated the Chef’s accomplishments and outstanding career in Miami, Florida and presented Demetrios Pyliotis the official certification title award of Ambassador for Greek Gastronomy 2020 – Gold Medal. His passion for reinforcing Greek tradition and way of life is a reflection of the core values and the very highest aspirations the title is established for.
The cerification process for Demetrios Pyliotis followed a protocol procedure implemented by the GTBB rules & committee. “Ambassador for Greek Gastronomy” is a trademark under worldwide protection.

GREEK TASTE BEYOND BORDERS® GTBB has announced its annual global conference in Athens, Greece where Demetrios Pyliotis “official Ambassador for Greek Gastronomy 2019-2020” and all certified ambassadors shall gather in this promising global event. Learn more about the conference and how to attend here:

DEMETRIOS PYLIOTIS is the owner of Poseidon restaurant in Miami. As he states,
“Until today in Poseidon, I have been honored to serve thousands of international visitors. Many of them highly experienced in food tasting, having their own requests, addressing their individual questions which aim them to understand in depth about the Greek cooking products, their use, their nutritional value. I guess these are my best moments in the restaurant. When these exchanges drive both sides to the co-creation of a common mindset which is often transformed to friendships for life; as it happens for thousands of years in Greece where people are open to explore by discussing, learning and further developing themselves. “

“Just between us… here is my magic recipe: The Greek kitchen is a “color palette” of highly valuable nutritional ingredients enriched with passion, imagination and care for those who aim to experience its tastes. It is composed with trust and respect to the past generations and it aims to travel for many more thousands of years throughout its ambassadors, being them house persons, chefs, or those who experience it by tasting it.”

Dining with chef Demetrios Pyliotis


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